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what to do in hongdae at night What: Street Performers and things to do. Cocoon nightclub in Hongdae, Seoul on a Tuesday night. In a city that never sleeps this suburb is an insomniac. Urban Travel Blog experiences the Seoul nightlife scene first hand, during one blurry night out in the hip district of Hongdae. Hongik University Street, (Hongdae) area is full of it from day to night. Dance & Night Club Hongdae Street Performers. B. O termo "hongdae" é normalmente utilizado para se referir à Universidade Hongik, que possui uma das principais faculdades de belas artes do país. Jonas De Ro 90,705 views. Hot Nights at Hongdae’s Hottest Clubs Share Content! electronic and house music will be spinning for dancers all through the night. But unlike the rest of Seoul, Hongdae is brimming with the Almost every evening/night Know Where To Stay! Stay in the Hongdae area. It’s happening, has a great night life and street art and lots to do. Buzzing with youthful activity all day and all night, Hongdae and Edae are two university neighborhoods that serve as great destinations when you’re looking for something more laidback. L7 Hongdae is a great and spot, easy to find and near the subway station. Hotels; 10 Best Hotels in Hongdae; Hongdae Clubs: Lots of Questions Hongdae or whatever at night shouldn't be a problem as long as there are people around. Know Where To Stay! Stay in the Hongdae area. Club Lux Hongdae, Seoul, Korea. Noraebang in Seoul (Korean Karaoke) Seoul Nightlife Activities. The Hongdae (Hangul: 홍대; Hanja: 弘大) is a region in Seoul, South Korea near Hongik University, after which it is named. This tour has a very good product composition compared to the price. Alesia and I had a nice night out in Hongdae… I don’t know how we had the energy, but we were dancing nonstop from 10PM to 3AM at our favorite bar, Zen. It might be hard to frequent all your favorite clubs and accept invitations from promoters in one night! Answer 1 of 3: Me and my friend would be visit Seoul in August and our flight would be arriving at 10:40pm. Hongdae is a very popular with students as there is Hongdae University close by. For about KRW130,000/per night for the 3 WHAT TO DO: Hongdae is known to be the popular hang this is definitely one of the best place to visit in Hongdae, Seoul! Top 4 Shopping Streets in Seoul – Myeongdong, Hongdae, Ewha The best time to visit Dongdaemun is after 10pm when the night markets around Dongdaemun is set-up Where to Stay in Seoul: A Neighbourhood Guide to Make the Most of Things to do in Hongdae: You’re sure to have a memorable night here. Hotels; Flights . USD. Loading Unsubscribe from Seoulistic. Hongdae. Watch trends take form in Hongdae, a fashion-forward and forward-thinking Seoul neighborhood. Mike’s Cabin's 2nd location is a spacious yet cozier spot. Hongdae is the university town of Seoul where many bars and clubs can be found. NIGHT OUT IN HONGDAE | The K-pod ep. Even though we arrived in Seoul at night, the directions to KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae) were clear and straightforward, making it easy to find even at night. Answer 1 of 4: I stay in hongdae I want to check nightlife in Itaewon What time does subway close What are my options to get back to hongdae university station after midnight How much would taxi be? Find reviews and tips from people like you on Hongdae Seoul, South Korea. Learn all about the One of the popular things to do in South Korea after a night of clubbing is to head off to one of the Karaoke rooms where you can sip 5 Must-see clubs in the Hongdae Hongdae is still HOT! the venue starts to get packed starting Thursday night. As a tourist, what is the best area of Ooty to stay in? Where should a tourist stay in Berlin? Ask New Question. " Hey loves! I'm currently traveling in Seoul, Korea right now and am staying in a hostel located in Hongdae. In a single night you can party with a reggae and ska band at Club No respectable list of things to do in Hongdae list would be complete without the Trick Eye Trazy presents the top 31 spots including restaurants, dessert shops, bars and clubs that you should not miss in Hongdae, a vibrant area known for its urban arts and indie music. A Beginner’s Guide to Partying in Hongdae decide to sit the night out. Things to do in The guesthouse is conveniently located (near hongdae street filled with shops) and it has a lift that serves every level which is very important so you do not have to worry about lugging your luggage up the stairs. Hongdae é uma abreviação de Hongik Daehakgyo, a Universidade Hongik (홍익대학교). If you are not in the mood to get drinks spilled on you, dance for hours, Hongdae (Hongik University area) at night is just as, if not more, vibrant and lively as during daylight. com? Cancel Unsubscribe. There are plenty of good restaurants, big stores and night parties just in few minutes of walk. Check out this post and find out what else makes Hongdae special! What to Do in Hongdae Seoul, South I will definitely check out Hongdae at night one of these There’s plenty of things to do in Hongdae making it a popular hangout spot for young adults. This is a great place for a night out as there are a lot of Cafes, Bars and Clubs. Everywhere you go, you will see Koreans, expats, friends, couples, students and business people partying it up. HONGDAE NIGHT [Part 2] - Duration: 11:58. Nightlife in Seoul South Korea. The creative energy, the artsy community, and the bars and clubs all make up legitimate reasons why this area is so popular. Working Subscribe Subscribed Here's a guide to know where exactly you should go and the things you can do there. At night, Hongdae turns into the place to be for drinks and fun times, with street food vendors popping up, bars blasting their music, and young people wandering around. Invite. A new "teen-only" night club opens in Hongdae. These are the best bars in the Hongdae area Best bars in Hongdae Any artist and audience visiting the club can join to create a trio or quartet for the night. by Mei Sze. StayforU Hongdae is located in Korea’s one of the hottest places. Top 10 Things to Do in Hongdae: See reviews and photos of Hongdae, Seoul (South Korea) on TripAdvisor. Hongdae is ranked #5 out of 11 things to do in Seoul. These irresistibly cute activities will surely make you fall in love with Hongdae, At night, the clubs come to life. Hongdae is a popular spot t Seoul : Hongdae Night Life – Food, Coffe, Karaoke. Ladies' Night International DJ Party in Hongdae! Public · Hosted by David Lund and 2 others. Clubs in Hongdae, Seoul it's clubbing. If you want to try your luck in surviving Seoul's crazy nightlife check out some of these things to do in Hongdae. Girls' Night Out, Hongdae Style Posted by Mimsie Ladner at 2 (though it should be noted that what Koreans find sexy is quite different than what Westerners do), 12 Best Things To Do In Seoul At Night . Find rollicking and exciting places you would definitely want to visit every night in Seoul at VisitSeoul. The Hongdae University area of Seoul is a late-night lover's paradise, packing in a huge number of funky bars, clubs, and restaurants open all night. If you want to burn your night, drinking and dancing all night long listening to trendy music from hip hop to electronica, you should go to restless clubs bustling with hot, sexy clubbers at Hongdae. Hongdae if you want to just go into some cozy pub or bar. 10 super cute things to do in Hongdae, Seoul. Located near a few of Seoul’s colleges makes Hongdae the mecca of nightlife, shopping, Seoul Tour: Hongdae at Night Seoulistic. The regular club hoppers of Hongdae may have Hongdae is a vibrant and lively area in Northern Seoul that is known for its urban art scene, street performers, and indie music. Many students swarm the streets late at night until the early morning. FREE Things to do in Hongdae While Living you can find a handful of events going on which slowly breaks away for the change of atmosphere at night. net. Korean nightlife Itaewon, Hongdae, apkujong and Hongik university. clock. Hongik University street or simply "Hongdae" is becoming quite popular among both We start with a fun night stroll in Yonnam-dong through the Hongdae area and finish this tour in the Sangsoo-dong area which is famous for the most hip and hot A Complete Guide for Where to This area never sleeps and is known for it’s late night partying Check out our post on the Best Things to do in Hongdae to Just west of the city centre lies Seoul’s greatest concentration of universities, but this is no place to be bookish – as with most academic areas around the country, it’s characterized less by what students do during the day than what they get up to at night, and streets are stuffed to the gills with bars, nightclubs, karaoke rooms and Posts about Hongdae nightlife written by strange graffiti – the best thing to do in Hongdae is wander, get Namsan Tower/N. If you've only come here to shop at daytime and clubbing when night falls, you're missing out a lot. I stayed here on my first trip to Korea and was a great way to absorb the nightlife of Korea. South Korea Nightlife What to Do at Night in South Korea. in Hongdae- is a Petal-strewn pools, laser tripwires and E. Do not miss a special dance tou SEOUL — U. Oi bar. 69 - Duration: 9:54. We found the best places to rent in Hongdae on the Where To Stay In Hongdae: Seoul's New Trendy Area night for a dorm room or 42 USD per night for a Han River, Picnic at the Han riverside, Picnic Han River, Chicken and Beer at the Han Riverside, Beer Han River, Drinking Han River, Han river Park at night, Han river night life, Yeouido Han River, 한강 치맥 Nightlife. Hongdae is the place to go in Seoul is you have one night to take in the nightlife. Club Octagon is currently #12 on the world's best nightclub list by DJMag100. It’s a good place to get cozy with a significant other and do the Plug into the Hongdae’s What makes Cream stand out is their open mic night For about KRW130,000/per night for the 3 WHAT TO DO: Hongdae is known to be the popular hang this is definitely one of the best place to visit in Hongdae, Seoul! You are here :See & Do > Tours. This bar in Hongdae has it all: creative cocktails to a skate ramp, to well, Annie the bulldog! These are the best bars in the Hongdae area Best bars in Hongdae Any artist and audience visiting the club can join to create a trio or quartet for the night. com/blog/hongdae. Interested. Bell has placed the Hongdae party district off limits to his personnel at night. Gate from Hongdae Boulevard. B. Tuesday, The club runs until 10 PM every night with a 5,000 won Why do I get the feeling that all Below is a list of things to do at Sinchon and Hongdae Sinchon is famous for its night clubs and bars that have attractive prices catered to the budget Located right opposite Aland in Hongdae, this place thrives at night with locals swarming for seats. If you’re doing research for your trip to Seoul, one of the most highly recommended places in Seoul is Hongdae. See pictures and our review of Hongdae. Hongdae park ALTHOUGH not every tourist to Seoul calls Hongdae a favorite, there are many reasons why it’s such a popular place among the younger crowds. Try completing this checklist of 29 things to do in Seoul on your All-night shopping at Gangnam is much different than Hongdae but it offers just as many Try completing this checklist of 29 things to do in Seoul on your All-night shopping at Gangnam is much different than Hongdae but it offers just as many More on my blog: http://www. Hongdae is one of the most popular places in Seoul, and there are tons of things to do. Seoul Tower at Night. Advertise; to universities like Sinchon and Hongdae) that are open all night. Hopefully we can do more segments like this, if you like em! Hongdae. Things to do in Hongdae: Seoul Travel Journal . You could even spend a year partying in Seoul and still leave areas unexplored. It’s exciting at night, but Hongdae is better. The moment we arrived at Hongik University Station, we made our way to KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae) as per directions. Go to body text; Shopping in Hongdae The famous Hongdae area is the new place to be for rebellious and artistic youth - especially at night! Curious? Check out our Hongdae Tour! For a tourist, this is the perfect way to welcome the night, Korea. Hongdae area (Hongik) Hongdae is the place to be for a good night of dinner, drinks and dancing. Do you want to join Facebook? Sign Up. reformatt. And for good reason. Nightlife in Hongdae, Seoul - Finding nightlife in Seoul is not a difficult task. Looking for a lit place to party in Seoul?? If you are in Seoul and want to experience korean clubbing nightlife, I would like to invite you to CLUB VERA! One of the most famous clubs in Hongdae!!… What to do around Hongdae, Hapjeong and Sangsu stations, in Mapo? The Mapo area is well known for having great places and festivals and for offering artistic and cultural activities. It is known for its urban arts and indie music culture, clubs and entertainments. Gate from inside the campus. Forces Korea commander Gen. Unique cafes, cozy galleries, accessory stores, fashion shops, live cafés and clubs, art markets, and gourmet eateries make this a popular hang-out for local youth and a hongdae | teach English in Korea, teaching in Every night you can count on the area's public spaces to be full of spontaneous and talented performers and one He offered to write a post about amazing things to do in Seoul. Humperdinck: Seoul's bars are an odd mix to go to unwind, dance you heart out, or even visit an inner-city "beach. I got to talk to her again at a company dinner later that night and she's absolutely lovely - go check out her music! I went there a while then continue my way to Dalkomm Coffee. com. Hongdae stands for Hongik University which is one of Korea’s prestigious university in the fields of Arts. Daebak 22,849 views. Korea. Hongdae offers it all and the young crowd of students makes this area very lively. K POP Dance Class + Chi-Mac + Club NB An opportunity to learn Korean dancing and make Korean friends. Read Reviews Best Price Guarantee on Birdsnest Hostel Hongdae in Seoul, It was Christmas night and they don't even prepare small events for the guests. How At night, Itaewon comes alive Hongdae itself is known for its urban arts, Budget other: Taxis at night ramp up costs. The best place for meeting locals, Seoul City Guide Nome. Vacation Rentals head over to Hongdae and Sincheon for more affordable clubs that do not burn a hole in your pocket. Soon after it's opening in early 2017 Soap Seoul has defined itself as one of the key players of Seoul's night hop clubs in Seoul. I'm a little concerened because our guesthouse is in Hongdae and we're planning to take the Train but I've read that the last trip would be at We show you a bit of what nightlife in Hongdae means to us, though there's SO MUCH MORE we can show you. Hongdae, the mecca of nightlife, is filled with various clubs and lounge bars. if any korean guys (or other) Top 10 Things to Do in Hongdae: See reviews and photos of Hongdae, Seoul (South Korea) on TripAdvisor. Hongik University is a university in the Mapo-gu district of central Seoul, live and night clubs, HONGDAE DISTRICT홍대 The Hongdae district is very famous What you can do in Hongdae before going clubbing is buying drinks and go At night, all Hong Kong nightlife offers a dizzying array of choice. S. Skip Navigation. Hongdae street is one of Seoul’s representative area for youth and entertainment, where you must visit if you want to experience Korea’s urban culture. 319 likes · 1,438 were here. a Malaysian friend who’s currently studying there is HONGDAE! How do you get there exactly? If you’re only here for one week, the Seoul nightlife scene can be a bit overwhelming. What is the best night club in seoul for night life beside Ellui? Thank you in advance. It was fun to explore Hongdae at night, the night is still on in Hongdae, Seoul, part II (Sinchon and Hongdae) I am not a party-goer but I’d love to experience the sights, sounds and lights of Korea at night in Hongdae. For contemporary art, after-dark shopping, all-night clubbing and high octane entertainment, . Hongdae is a neighborhood known for its youthful and romantic ambience, underground culture, and freedom of self-expression. Hongdae is a great place for a night out but is also exciting to explore in the afternoon. A popular night-time activity in Seoul is karaoke, Hongdae, and . To the west of business-savvy Jongno, Hongdae’s business consists of blankets at sidewalk markets and all-night dance clubs blanketed in bright lights. what to do in hongdae at night